(Institute of Making) Yapma Enstitüsü

Institute of Making (Yapma Enstitüsü) | Hamza Yılmaz – Yağız Efe Fırat


• ARCHITECTURE should value the richness of the context, based on which develop potentials.
• ARCHITECTURE should be built upon life practices. ARCHITECTURE must pertain to the context.
• ARCHITECTURE should be devised upon life practices based on local apprehension.
• The ARCHITECT should have a grasp of the life practices, space, materials, the knowledge of the making of the context.
• SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE must devise architectural education based on the context.
• SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, as is architecture, must be unique to its context.
• ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION should teach ARCHITECTURE based on life practices.
• ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION should be configured in line with the understanding of spatial necessities of life practices and the local knowledge of making.

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