Pot Street // ZU-BS

Pot Street | Bilge Sağlam – Zeynep Uz


  • In creation processes like architecture or design education; restrictions such as space, time, grade and curriculum cannot be accepted.
  • POT is a platform for sharing experiences. Pot accepts learners from different backgrounds. Learners can enter the Pot Street online or physically without any age, education and professional restrictions.
  • POT consists of Do It Together (DIT) activities. It gives learners the chance to find their interests and improve themselves in a multidisciplinary platform. Learners can also pin the POTs and create DIT’s.
  • POT does not offer only one type of learning. Each person can find and design their learning process through the STREET.
  • POT|Street provides space to work, research and produce together without any time and grade concern for learners. POT|Street creates challenges at the community for learners.
  • These challenges are key assessment environments leading learners to become professionals.