The Book of Architecture School

The Book of Architecture School is out from TOBB ETU Publications! The e-book is accessible from TOBB ETU Library Institutional Repository.

The book you are holding right now is a comic strip written by our students while they stand in the threshold between the school and professional life, at the Final Architectural Design Studio of Spring Term 2018-2019, Department of Architecture, TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

The given studio task is simply the question of ‘if there were to be a new and independent school of architecture formed today, what would be its philosophy, program, and its course contents?’ The Book of Architecture School presents the alternative ways to accomplish this task.

This book revokes all the ‘things’ recognized, about the architecture school and schooling of an architect.

The School Manifesto School;

• is not interested in how architecture is but how architecture could be.

• does not train the participants as professionals in the service of the industry but educate them as architectural intellectuals in the service of the society.

• is an interconnected worldwide network that continuously regenerates the energy sourced both from the outside and embodied within.

• is an “opera aperta” that all the participants are equally able to collaborate and cooperate on it actively and dynamically.