Off-grid | Furkan Balcı – Mert Yılmaz – Utku Doğanay


  • Anyone can be an architect.
  • The individual’s own efforts, experiences, and solution methods produced in the face of problems are an educational process for him. The process is education itself.
  • Since learning is based on processes, it cannot have a singular space.
  • This educational process is a creative process that determines the means of its own architectural vision and is dedicated to discovering their boundaries.
  • This process is not singular, it is personal shaped according to the individual’s own interests.
  • Since the potentials of each are different, education is too subjective to be formal.
  • Architecture and its education cannot get out of date; it must internalise all the developments affecting and changing human life. It must be in the pursuit of creating new ones.
  • “Architecture” designs interactions, architectural object interacts with the city and the citizens. What is needed for education is an “INTERSPACE” in which interactions can be designed.
  • Technological development alters the way we live, we learn, and thus design and construct.
  • Architecture education cannot be considered independent of production.
  • Education does not have space, there is the space of production.

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